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2003-119-cis-retinoic acid during in vitro maturation improves development of the bovine oocyte and increases midkine but not IGF-I expression in cumulus-granulosa cellsGómez, Enrique; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Duque, Paloma; Carneiro, Gustavo; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Goyache, Félix; Lorenzo, Pedro L.; Álvarez, Isabel; Facal, Nieves; Díez, Carmen
2005-07-15Bovine oocyte vitrification before or after meiotic arrest: effects on ultrastructure and developmental abilityDíez Fernández, Carmen; Duque, Paloma; Gómez, Enrique; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Tamargo Miguel, Carolina; Rodríguez, Aida; Fernández, Lina; Varga, Santiago; Fernández, Alba; Facal, Nieves; Carbajo, Maite
2008-06Conventional pluripotency markers are unspecific for bovine embryonic-derived cell-linesMuñoz, M.; Rodríguez, A.; Frutos, C.; Caamaño, José N.; Díez, C.; Facal, Nieves; Gómez, E.
2008Development and quality of bovine morulae cultured in serum-free medium with retinoic receptor specific agonistsGómez, Enrique; Rodríguez, Aida; Múñoz, Marta; Caamaño, José Nestor; Carrocera, Susana; Martín, David; Facal, Nieves; Díez, Carmen
2002-03-15Effects of acetoacetate and d-β-hydroxybutyrate on bovine in vitro embryo development in serum-free mediumGómez, Enrique; Duque, Paloma; Díaz, Elena; Facal, Nieves; Antolín, Isaac; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Díez Fernández, Carmen
2007-03Effects of human versus mouse leukemia inhibitory factor on the in vitro development of bovine embryosRodríguez, A.; Frutos, C.; Díez, C.; Caamaño, José N.; Facal, Nieves; Duque, Paloma; García-Ochoa, C.; Gómez, E.
2007El propilenglicol mejora los resultados de la transferencia de embrionesHidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Tamargo Miguel, Carolina; Gómez Piñeiro, Enrique; Facal, Nieves; Díez Monforte, Carmen
2002-10Enhancement of developmental capacity of meiotically inhibited bovine oocytes by retinoic acidDuque, Paloma; Díez, C.; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Lorenzo, Pedro L.; Carneiro, G.; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Facal, Nieves; Gómez, E.
2003Macromolecular source as dependent on osmotic pressure and water source: effects on bovine in vitro embryo development and qualityDuque, Paloma; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Gómez Piñeiro, Enrique; Pintado, Belén; Facal, Nieves; Díez Monforte, Carmen
2005Oocytes recovered from cows treated with retinol become unviable as blastocysts produced in vitroHidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Díez Fernández, Carmen; Duque, Paloma; Prendes, J. M.; Rodríguez, Aida; Goyache, Félix; Fernández, Itziar; Facal, Nieves; Ikeda, S.; Alonso Montes, Cristina; Gómez, Enrique
2003Pregnancies and improved early embryonic development with bovine oocytes matured in vitro with 9-cis-retinoic acidHidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Díez Monforte, Carmen; Duque, Paloma; Facal, Nieves; Gómez Piñeiro, Enrique
2004Pregnancy rates and metabolic profiles in cattle treated with propylene glycol prior to embryo transferOlegario Hidalgo, Carlos; Gómez, Enrique; Prieto, Lupicinio; Duque, Paloma; Goyache, Félix; Fernández, Lina; Fernández, Itziar; Facal, Nieves; Díez Fernández, Carmen
2002-12Primeros terneros producidos in vitro tras punción ecoguiada de folículos ováricosHidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Fernández, Itziar; Duque, Paloma; Facal, Nieves; Díaz, Elena; Prendes, J. M.; Menéndez Fernández, Juan; Gómez, Enrique; Prieto, Lupicinio; Díez Fernández, Carmen
2007-11Retinoid receptor-specific agonists regulate bovine in vitro early embryonic development, differentiation and expression of genes related to cell cycle arrest and apoptosisRodríguez, A.; Díez, C.; Caamaño, José N.; Frutos, C.; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Muñoz, M.; Ikeda, S.; Facal, Nieves; Álvarez-Viejo, M.; Gómez, E.
2006-08Retinoids during the in vitro transition from bovine morula to blastocystRodríguez, A.; Díez, C.; Ikeda, S.; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Caamaño, José N.; Alonso Montes, Cristina; Goyache, Félix; Álvarez, Isabel; Facal, Nieves; Gomez, Enrique
2008-05Serum free embryo culture medium improves in vitro survival of bovine blastocysts to vitrificationGómez, E.; Rodríguez, A.; Muñoz, M.; Caamaño, José N.; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Morán, E.; Facal, Nieves; Díez, C.
2009-04-01Tyrosine kinase A, C and fibroblast growth factor-2 receptors in bovine embryos cultured in vitroMuñoz, M.; Rodríguez, A.; Díez, C.; Caamaño, José N.; Fernández-Sánchez, M. T.; Pérez-Gómez, A.; Frutos, C.; Facal, Nieves; Gómez, E.
2006Ultrastructure and Development of Vitrified/Warmed Bovine Oocytes Matured with 9-cis Retinoic AcidRodríguez, Aida; Gómez, Enrique; Antolín, Isaac; Duque, Paloma; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Alonso, Cristina; Tamargo, Carolina; Fernández, Lina; Carbajo, Maite; Facal, Nieves; Caamaño, José N.; Díez, Carmen
2003-02Use of two replacements of serum during bovine embryo culture in vitroDuque, Paloma; González, Enrique; Díaz, Elena; Facal, Nieves; Hidalgo Ordóñez, Carlos O.; Díez, Carmen