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2008Adjacent mutations to ovine PrnP codons 136 and 171 affect performance of the diagnostic protocol based on RT-PCR coupled to fluorescence probesTraore, A.; Royo, L.; Alvarez, I.; Fernández, I.; Gutierrez, J.; Rincón, C.; Pérez-Pardal, L.; Goyache, F.
2008Differences in the expression of the ASIP gene are involved in the recessive black coat colour pattern in sheep: evidence from the rare Xalda sheep breed.Royo, Luis J.; Alvarez, I.; Arranz, J.J.; Fernández, I.; Rodríguez, A.; Pérez-Pardal, L.; Goyache, F.
2009Female segregation patterns of the putative Y-chromosome-specific microsatellite markers INRA124 and INRA126 do not support their use for cattle population studiesPérez Pardal, L.; Royo, L.; Alvarez, I.; Ponce de León, F. A.; Fernández, I.; Casais, R.; Goyache, F.
2009Microsatellite Analysis Characterizes Burkina Faso as a Genetic Contact Zone Between Sahelian and Djallonké SheepAlvarez, I.; Traore, A.; Tamboura, H.; Kabore, A.; Royo, L.; Fernández, I.; Ouedraogo Sanou, G.; Sawadogo, L.; Goyache, F.
2010Multiple paternal origins of domestic cattle revealed by Y-specific interspersed multilocus microsatellitesPérez Pardal, L.; Royo, L.; Beja Pereira, A.; Chen, S.; Cantet, R.; Traore, A.; Curik, I.; Solkner, J.; Bozzi, R.; Fernández, I.; Alvarez, I.; Gutiérrez, J.; Gómez, E.; León, F. de; Goyache, F.
2008Multivariate analyses on morphological traits of goats in Burkina FasoTraore, A.; Royo, L.; Fernández, I.; Alvarez, I.; Goyache, F.
2008Multivariate characterization of morphological traits in Burkina Faso sheepTraore, A.; Royo, L.; Fernández, I.; Alvarez, I.; Goyache, F.
2009Quantifying diversity losses due to selection for scrapie resistance in three endangered Spanish sheep breeds using microsatellite informationAlvarez, I.; Gutiérrez, J.; Royo, L.; Fernández, I.; Goyache, F.
2007A sexing protocol for wild ruminants based on PCR amplification of amelogenin genes AMELX and AMELYPajares, G.; Alvarez, I.; Fernández, I.; Pérez-Pardal, I.; Goyache, F.; Royo, L.
2010Y-specific microsatellites reveal an African subfamily in taurine (Bos taurus) cattlePerez Pardal, L.; Royo, L.; Beja Pereira, A.; Curik, I.; Traore, A.; Fernández, I.; Solkner, J.; Alonso, J.; Alvarez, I.; Bozzi, R.; Chen, S.; León, F. de; Goyache, F.