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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2001-03Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Total Fatty Acids in CiderBlanco-Gomis, Domingo; Mangas Alonso, Juan J.; Margolles Cabrales, Inmaculada; Arias Abrodo, Pilar
1991-07High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of furfural and hydroxymethylfurfural in apple juices and concentratesBlanco-Gomis, Domingo; Gutiérrez Álvarez, María D.; Sopeña Laredo, L.; Mangas Alonso, Juan J.
1994-12High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of the Neutral Phenolic Compounds of Low Molecular Weight in Apple JuiceSuárez Valles, Belén; Santamaría Victorero, J.; Mangas Alonso, Juan J.; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo
1993Influence of cider-making technology on low-boiling-point volatile compoundsMangas Alonso, Juan J.; González, María P.; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo
2003-12-31Influence of Distillation System, Oak Wood Type, and Aging Time on Composition of Cider Brandy in Phenolic and Furanic CompoundsRodríguez Madrera, Roberto; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo; Mangas Alonso, Juan J.
2003Influence of Distillation System, Oak Wood Type, and Aging Time on Volatile Compounds of Cider BrandyRodríguez Madrera, Roberto; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo; Mangas Alonso, Juan J.
1998-02Liquid chromatographic analysis of non-volatile strawberry compounds. Chromatographia. 1998; 47 (3-4): 197-202.Mangas Alonso, Juan J.; Moreno Fernández, Javier; Suárez, Belén; Picinelli Lobo, Anna M.; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo
1997Selection and biochemical characterisation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Kloeckera apiculata strains isolated from Spanish cider.Cabranes, Carmen; Mangas, Juan José; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo
1996-01Solid-phase extraction and determination of trace aroma and flavour components in cider by GC-MSMangas Alonso, Juan J.; González, María P.; Rodríguez, Roberto; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo
1998Use of high-performance liquid chromatographic–chemometric techniques to differentiate apple juices clarified by microfiltration and ultrafiltrationBlanco-Gomis, Domingo; Fernández Rubio, P.; Gutiérrez Álvarez, María D.; Mangas Alonso, Juan J.
1996-01Volatiles in Distillates of Cider Aged in American Oak WoodMangas Alonso, Juan J.; Rodríguez, Roberto; Moreno Fernández, Javier; Blanco-Gomis, Domingo