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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2008Population history and genetic variability in the Spanish Arab Horse assessed via pedigree analysis.Cervantes, I.; Molina, A.; Goyache, F.; Gutiérrez, J.P.; Valera, M.
2008Preliminary assessment of population structure of Spanish Merino Breed: traditional strains situation using genealogical and molecular analysis.Azor, p.; Cervantes, I.; Valera, M.; Arranz, J.; Medina, C.; Gutiérrez, J.; Goyache, F.; Muñoz, A.; Molina, A.
2009Quantifying diversity losses due to selection for scrapie resistance in three endangered Spanish sheep breeds using microsatellite informationAlvarez, I.; Gutiérrez, J.; Royo, L.; Fernández, I.; Goyache, F.
2008Ratio between inbreeding and coancestry rates as a measure of population subdivision. Preliminary resultsCervantes, I.; Goyache, F.; Gutiérrez, J.
2007A sexing protocol for wild ruminants based on PCR amplification of amelogenin genes AMELX and AMELYPajares, G.; Alvarez, I.; Fernández, I.; Pérez-Pardal, I.; Goyache, F.; Royo, L.
2008Sire x stud effect on estimation of genetic parameters for body traits in Spanish Purebred horse: Preliminary results.Gómez, M.; Valera, M.; Molina, A.; Goyache, F.
2008Sire x stud interaction for body measurement traits in Spanish Purebred horses.Gómez, M.; Goyache, F.; Molina, A.; Valera, M.
2009Sire × stud interaction for body measurement traits in Spanish Purebred horsesGómez, M. D.; Goyache, F.; Molina, A.; Valera, M.
2010Y-specific microsatellites reveal an African subfamily in taurine (Bos taurus) cattlePerez Pardal, L.; Royo, L.; Beja Pereira, A.; Curik, I.; Traore, A.; Fernández, I.; Solkner, J.; Alonso, J.; Alvarez, I.; Bozzi, R.; Chen, S.; León, F. de; Goyache, F.