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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2007Accuracy of the n-alkane technique for intake estimates in beef cattle using different sampling procedures and feeding levelsOliván, M.; Ferreira, L.; Celaya, R.; Osoro, K.
2003Carcass quality of 10 beef cattle breeds of the Southwest of Europe in their typical production systemsPiedrafita, J.; Quintanilla, R.; Osoro, K.; Oliván, M.
2007Comparison of grazing behaviour, dietary overlap and performance in non-lactating domestic ruminants grazing on marginal heathland areasCelaya, R.; Oliván, M.; Ferreira, L.; Martínez, A.; García, U.; Osoro, K.
2010Eating quality of beef from biotypes included in the PGI “Ternera Asturiana” showing distinct physicochemical characteristics and tenderization patternSierra, V.; Guerrero, L.; Fernández Suárez, V.; Martínez, A.; Castro, P.; Osoro, K.; Rodríguez Colunga, M.; Coto Montes, A.; Oliván, M.
2010Evaluation of very long-chain fatty acids and n-alkane epicuticular compounds as markers for estimating diet composition of sheep fed heathland vegetation speciesFerreira, L.M.M.; Celaya, R.; Falco, V.; Oliván, M.; Santos, A.S.; Guedes, C.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Osoro, K.
1997Sex, seasonal and spatial differences in the diet of Cantabrian chamois Rupicapra pyrenaica parvaPérez Barbería, F. J.; Oliván, M.; Osoro, K.; Nores, C.
2007The use of n-alkanes to estimate diet composition of ruminants grazing on species diverse plant communities - Effect of feeding selectivity on diet composition estimatesFerreira, L.; Oliván, M.; Celaya, R.; García, U.; Rodrigues, M.; Osoro, K.