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2008-05Relationship between genealogical and microsatellite information characterizing losses of genetic variability: Empirical evidence from the rare Xalda sheep breedÁlvarez, Isabel; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Gutiérrez, Juan P.; Fernández, Itziar; Arranz, J. J.; Goyache, Félix
2007-11Retinoid receptor-specific agonists regulate bovine in vitro early embryonic development, differentiation and expression of genes related to cell cycle arrest and apoptosisRodríguez, A.; Díez, C.; Caamaño, José N.; Frutos, C.; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Muñoz, M.; Ikeda, S.; Facal, Nieves; Álvarez-Viejo, M.; Gómez, E.
2006-08Retinoids during the in vitro transition from bovine morula to blastocystRodríguez, A.; Díez, C.; Ikeda, S.; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Caamaño, José N.; Alonso Montes, Cristina; Goyache, Félix; Álvarez, Isabel; Facal, Nieves; Gomez, Enrique
2004Revisión sobre la herencia del color de la capa en ganado bovinoRoyo Martín, Luis J.; Fernández, Itziar; Álvarez, Isabel; Rodríguez, A.; Goyache, Félix
2006Sire x contemporary group interactions for birth weight and preweaning growth traits in the Asturiana de los Valles beef cattle breedGutiérrez, Juan P.; Fernández, Itziar; Álvarez, Isabel; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Goyache, Félix
2002Testing a continuous variation in preweaning expression of muscular hypertrophy in beef cattle using field dataGoyache, Félix; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Álvarez, Isabel; Gutiérrez, Juan P.
2005Testing the usefulness of the molecular coancestry information to assess genetic relationships in livestock using a set of Spanish sheep breedsÁlvarez, Isabel; Gutiérrez, Juan P.; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Fernández, Itziar; Gómez, Enrique; Arranz, J. J.; Goyache, Félix
2006Una nota sobre Winloki: una interfaz de usuario para LokiIglesias, S.; Arranz, J. J.; Álvarez, Isabel; Fernández, Itziar; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Goyache, Félix
2001-10The usefulness of artificial intelligence techniques to assess subjective quality of products in the food industryGoyache, Félix; Bahamonde Rionda, Antonio; Alonso, J.; López, S.; Coz, J. J.; Quevedo, J. R.; Ranilla, J.; Luaces, O.; Álvarez, A.; Royo Martín, Luis J.; Díez, J.
2003Using pedigree information to monitor genetic variability of endangered populations: the Xalda sheep breed of Asturias as an exampleGoyache, Félix; Gutiérrez, Juan P.; Fernández, Itziar; Gómez, E.; Álvarez, Isabel; Díez, J.; Royo Martín, Luis J.