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dc.description.abstractIn a world in which life expectancy is increasing, understanding and promoting healthy aging becomes a contemporary demand. In the elderly, a sterile, chronic and low-grade systemic inflammation known as “inflammaging” is linked with many age-associated diseases. Considering sarcopenia as a loss of strength and mass of skeletal muscle related to aging, correlations between these two terms have been proposed. Better knowledge of the immune system players in skeletal muscle would help to elucidate their implications in sarcopenia. Characterizing the activators of damage sensors and the downstream effectors explains the inference with skeletal muscle performance. Sarcopenia has also been linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Implications of inflammatory signals from these diseases negatively affect skeletal muscle. Autophagic mechanisms are closely related with the inflammasome, as autophagy eliminates stress signaling sent by damage organelles, but also acts with an immunomodulatory function affecting immune cells and cytokine release. The use of melatonin, an antioxidant, ROS scavenger and immune and autophagy modulator, or senotherapeutic compounds targeting senescent cells could represent strategies to counteract inflammation. This review aims to present the many factors regulating skeletal muscle inflammaging and their major implications in order to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in sarcopenia.es_ES
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dc.subjectSkeletal musclees_ES
dc.titleInflammaging: Implications in Sarcopeniaes_ES
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