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Título : Influence of Distillation System, Oak Wood Type, and Aging Time on Volatile Compounds of Cider Brandy
Autor : Rodríguez Madrera, Roberto
Blanco-Gomis, Domingo
Mangas Alonso, Juan J.
Palabras clave : Volatile components
Cider brandy
Fecha de publicación : 2003
Editorial : American Chemical Society
Citación : Rodríguez Madrera, Roberto; Blanco Gomis, Domingo; Mangas Alonso, Juan J. Influence of Distillation System, Oak Wood Type, and Aging Time on Volatile Compounds of Cider Brandy. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2003; 51 (27): 5709-5714.
Resumen : A study of the influence of distillation system, oak wood type, and aging time on volatile compounds of cider brandy was carried out. Acetaldehyde and acetaldehyde diethyl acetal were influenced by distillation technology, oak wood type, and maturation time. The majority ester, ethyl ethanoate, increased during aging, the highest level of this ester being detected in spirits distilled by double distillation. The alcohols of higher molecular weight were better recovered in the rectification column than in the double distillation system. Ethanoate esters decreased throughout aging of the spirits, and their degradation velocity was lower in distillates obtained from double distillation. Fatty acids and their ethyl esters presented the opposite evolution during aging, detecting an increase in ethyl esters and a decrease in their corresponding fatty acids. An increase of 1,1,3-triethoxypropane was detected during aging. French oak contributes the trans isomer of β-methyl-γ-octalactone and American oak contributes the cis isomer.
URI : http://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/2102
ISSN : 0021-8561
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