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Título : Performance of six asturian apple (Malus x domestica) cultivars growing on two rootstocks for cider production
Autor : Díaz-Hernández, B.
Ciordia Ara, Marta
Coque Fuertes, Manuel
Pereira-Lorenzo, Santiago
Fecha de publicación : jul-2003
Editorial : American Pomological Society
Citación : Díaz-Hernández, B.; Ciordia-Ara, M.; Coque-Fuertes, M.; Pereira-Lorenzo, S. Performance of six asturian apple (Malus x domestica) cultivars growing on two rootstocks for cider production. Journal of the American Pomological Society. 2003; 57 (3): 121-127.
Resumen : Cider production is a traditional industry in Northern Spain and it needs specific cultivars to produce a high quality beverage. Six cultivars selected in Asturias (Spain) for cider production, 'Blanquina', 'Cristalina', 'Marialena', 'Reineta Encarnada', 'Raxao' and 'Teorica' have been tested to determine their performance during eleven years on fwo rootstocks, MM.106 and MM.111. Full bloom was quite late with all cultivars, from 28 April to 20 May, which could be of interest in areas with late frost. The harvest time of 'Marialena' was particularly early, and could be inconvenient for the cider industry. MM.106 and MM.Ill showed similar vigor in our conditions, but MM.106 induced a higher productivity with some cultivars. With both rootstocks, 4x3.5 m was an insufficient planting distance for all cultivars except 'Cristalina' which could be planted closer. All cultivars began to fruit the fourth year except 'Blanquina' and 'Cristalina', which fruited the fifth and sixth year, respectively. The most productive cultivar during the first two years was 'Marialena'. All cultivars exhibited biennial bearing except 'Cristalina'. Considering total production after ten years, two groups could be established: i) cvs. Blanquina, Marialena and Raxao, with more than 200 kg/tree, and ii) cvs. Cristalina, Reineta Encarnada and Te6rica, with less than 170 kg/tree. The most vigorous cultivars were 'Marialena' and 'Raxao'. 'Blanquina', 'Te6rica' and 'Marialena' had high productivity and are recommended using MM.106 rootstock in our conditions. 'Raxao' is also quite interesting though it should be grafted on a dwarf rootstock such as M.9. 'Cristalina' should be rejected because it is non-precocious with low productivity, and likewise 'Reineta Encarnada' which was the least productive cultivar tested.
URI : http://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/2103
ISSN : 1527-3741
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