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Título : Genetic analysis of days open in beef cattle F.
Autor : Goyache, Félix
Gutiérrez, Juan P.
Fernández, Itziar
Royo Martín, Luis J.
Álvarez, Isabel
Palabras clave : Beef cattle
Asturiana de los Valles
Days open
Genetic correlation
Fecha de publicación : may-2005
Editorial : Elsevier
Citación : Goyache, F.; Gutiérrez, J. P.; Fernández, I.; Royo, L. J.; Álvarez, I. Genetic analysis of days open in beef cattle F. Livestock Production Science. 2005; 93 (3): 283-289.
Resumen : The aim of this work was to analyse the genetic parameters affecting days open (DO) in beef cattle to evaluate its potential as criterion of selection. The present study characterises DO as a trait with considerable genetic variability, relative to that usually found for reproduction traits, especially for heifers and second calving cows. The estimates of heritability for the trait ranged from 0.091 for cows with 10 or more calvings to 0.197 for second calving cows. The genetic correlations estimated for DO in different parities are situated between 0.9 and 1, showing that the genes affecting the trait are substantially the same across parities of the dam. A substantial permanent environment (around 9%) seems to affect DO performance. Permanent environmental factors seem to be especially important in younger cows. Genetic correlation between DO and calving interval was positive and very high (1.0), while those between DO and gestation length and calving date were negative from low to moderate (−0.089 and −0.308, respectively). DO can be used in improvement programs of beef cattle as an early indicator of reproductive performance of the cow.
URI : http://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/2124
ISSN : 0301-6226
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