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Título: Genetic relationships between Spanish Assaf (Assaf.E) and Spanish native dairy sheep breeds
Autores: Legaz, E.
Álvarez, Isabel
Fernández, Itziar
Gutiérrez, Juan P.
Goyache, Félix
Palabras Claves: Assaf
Genetic distance
Molecular kinship
Sheep breeds
Fecha Edición: 2008
Editor: Elsevier
Cita Bibliográfica: Legaz, E.; Álvarez, I.; Fernández, I.; Gutiérrez, J. P.; Goyache, F. Genetic relationships between Spanish Assaf (Assaf.E) and Spanish native dairy sheep breeds. Small Ruminant Research. 2008; 80 (1-3): 39-44.
Resumen: At present, the Assaf is the main dairy sheep in Spain. The Spanish Assaf (Assaf.E) was formed by male-mediated absorption of native Spanish sheep. Here we assess the genetic relationships among the Assaf.E and major native Spanish dairy breeds using microsatellites to contribute to the knowledge of the formation and within-population genetic variability of the breed. Blood samples from 44 unrelated Assaf.E individuals from 23 different Assaf.E flocks spread throughout 6 different Spanish provinces were obtained and genotyped using 14 microsatellites. Up to 312 additional samples belonging to the Awassi and Milchschaf sheep breeds and to six native Spanish dairy sheep breeds (Castellana, Churra, Latxa, Manchega, and Rubia de El Molar) as well as samples from Merino individuals to be used as the outgroup were also analysed observed (Ho) and expected (He) heterozygosity, rarefacted number of alleles per locus and distances based on molecular coancestry information were computed. Probabilities of assignment of the Assaf.E individuals to native Spanish dairy sheep breeds and cryptic genetic structure in the whole dataset were also assessed. It can be concluded that the Assaf.E breed has low genetic variability and high genetic distance with respect native Spanish dairy sheep breeds. From our results, the formation of the Assaf.E breed basically occurred via the absorption of individuals belonging to the Entrefino type, particularly to the Castellana and Manchega populations. Furthermore, Churra individuals may have participated in the formation of the Assaf.E breed at an early moment of the introduction of the breed into Spain.
ISSN: 0921-4488
Aparece en las Colecciones:Agroalimentación y Ganadería
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