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Título: CA15.3 sérico y proliferación celular en carcinomas ductales
Autores: Ruibal, A.
Sánchez Salmón, A.
Garrido Pumar, M.
Palabras Claves: CA15.3 sérico
Cellular proliferation
Infiltrating ductal carcinoma
Fecha Edición: 2007
Resumen: Abstract.—Objective. To study the possible correlations between the preoperative CA15.3 serum levels and the cellular proliferation, measured by S-phase (SP), in patients having infiltrating ductal carcinomas (IDC) of the breast Material and methods. The study group included 79 patients with an age ranged between 39 and 86 yrs (64,8 ± 11,8). Ploidy and S-phase were measured by cytometry (Fascam. Beckton Dikinson. USA) in fresh samples Results: Using as cut-off for SP the value of 7 %, which represents the median obtained previously in 321 patients with IDC (r: 0,8-51,2; 9,3 ± 7,9; percentiles 25 y 75; 4,3 y 11,8 %), we can observed that the antigenic levels were higher (p:0,015) in the tumors with low SP. These same behavior was noted when 30U/ml was used as cut-off for CA15.3. Likewise, the levels of the tumor marker increased significantly (p:0,007) when the SP moved from < 4,3 % to 7,1 %, to decrease later (p:0,010) when the SP value was comprised between 7,11% and 11,8 %. The same behavior of this tumor marker in relation to the SP was noted in tumors without axillary involvement tumors, as well as in aneuploid carcinomas. Conclusion: a) Release of CA15.3 happens when SP increases to rise the 7,1 % value, to decrease later although that goes on increasing, and b) The same behaviour of this marker with the S-phase was observed in tumors without axillary involvement, as well as in aneuploid carcinomas.
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