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Título : Heritability of reproduetive traits in Asturiana de los Valles beef cattle breed
Autor : Goyache, Félix
Gutiérrez, Juan P.
Palabras clave : Heritability
Calving interval
Age at first calving
Calving ease
Gestation length
Beef cattle
Fecha de publicación : 2001
Editorial : Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology
Citación : Goyache, Félix; Gutiérrez, Juan P. Heritability of reproduetive traits in Asturiana de los Valles beef cattle breed. Archives Animal Breeding. 2001; 44 (6): 489-496.
Resumen : Heritability was estimated for four reproduetive traits in the Asturiana de los Valles breed in order to evaluate the possibility of include this information in the breed's current improvement program. The estimations were done using an animal model except for calving ease score. For this last trait, a threshold model under a sire model was fitted, with the sire effect as the only random effect in the model besides the residual. Estimated heritabilities for calving interval age at first calving, gestation length, as dam traits, and calving ease were 0.12, 0.27, 0.15 and 0.42, respectively. The estimated heritability for calving interval and age at first calving could justify a sire selection program in the Asturiana de los Valles breed taking account their female offsprings' reproduetive characteristics. Heritability estimates for gestation length and calving ease suggested a close genetic relationship of these two traits and birth weight. Further research is needed to estimate the genetic (co)variances between these three traits to allow the use of this information in a breed improvement program to reduce dystocia without affecting preweaning growth traits.
URI : http://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/729
ISSN : 0003-9438
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