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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2017-10-01Adaptive Active Power Sharing Techniques for DC and AC Voltage Control in a Hybrid DC/AC MicrogridNavarro-Rodríguez, Angel; García Fernández, Pablo; Georgious, Ramy; García García, Jorge
2016-09Analysis of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems with DC Link Fault Ride-Through CapabilityGeorgious, Ramy; García, Jorge; García, Pablo; Sumner, Mark
2015-09-20A communication-less solution for transient frequency drift compensation on weak microgrids using a D-statcom with an energy storage systemNavarro-Rodriguez, Angel; Garcia, Pablo; Georgious, Ramy; Garcia, Jorge
2018-12-06Cooperative Control in a Hybrid DC/AC Microgrid based on Hybrid DC/AC Virtual GeneratorsNavarro-Rodríguez, Ángel; García, Pablo; Blanco, Cristian; Georgious, Ramy; García, Jorge
2013-12Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)Uzochukwuamaka, Therese; Georgious, Ramy
2015-12Hybridization of Energy Storage Systems for Electric Transportation by Means of Bidirectional Power Electronic ConvertersGeorgious, Ramy; García, Jorge
2016-09Non-Isolated High-Gain Three-Port Converter for Hybrid Storage SystemsGarcía, Jorge; Georgious, Ramy; García, Pablo; Navarro-Rodríguez, Ángel
2017-12-01Observer-based Transient Frequency Drift Compensation in AC MicrogridsNavarro-Rodríguez, Angel; García Fernández, Pablo; Georgious, Ramy; García García, Jorge; Saeed, Sarah
2013-12Reactive Power Management for Distributed Generation: Motivation and SolutionsUzochukwuamaka, Therese; Georgious, Ramy
2016-03Series-Parallel Connection of Low-Voltage Sources for Integration of Galvanically Isolated Energy Storage SystemsGeorgious, Ramy; Garcia, Jorge; Navarro, Angel; Saeed, Sarah
2016-09A Study on the Control Loop Design of Non-Isolated Configurations for Hybrid Storage SystemsGeorgious, Ramy; García, Jorge; Navarro-Rodríguez, Ángel; García, Pablo