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Título : Estudio descriptivo de los errores más frecuentes en la técnica inhalatoria
Autor : Fernández Arce, Lucía
Eiriz Manzano, Laura
Martínez Rozada, Alba
Palabras clave : Terapia respiratoria
Educación sanitaria
Fecha de publicación : may-2018
Editorial : SEAPA
Citación : Fernández Arce L, Eiriz Manzano L, Martínez Rozada A. Estudio descriptivo de los errores más frecuentes en la técnica inhalatoria. RqR Enfermería Comunitaria (Revista de SEAPA). 2018 Mayo; 6(2); 65-75
Resumen : Patients with inhaled therapy have a high percentage of incorrect technique despite the importance of performing it properly. Objective: To determine which are the most frequent errors in the self administration of inhaled therapy in our patients. Methods: A descriptive study was conducted with a randomized sample of 60 patients. A face-to-face interview was carried out for the collection of data and errors in the technique by means of a check-list. Results: 55% of the patients performed an incorrect technique. The most frequent errors were not to expel air pre-inspiration and not to perform apnea of ​​more than 5 seconds. Adherence to inhaler therapy measured by the TAI was found to be good in 50% of patients and the noncompliance rate was 58.3%. Conclusions: It is necessary to insist on the importance of very frequent errors. The need for re-education has been verified due to the poor performance of the technique by the patients. The most common type of noncompliance was the erratic, followed by the unconscious and the deliberate. In general, adherence to inhaler therapy is poor.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/10233
ISSN : 2254-8270
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