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Título: Stereoselective Biocatalysis. A mature technology for the asymmetric synthesis of pharmaceutical building blocks
Autores: González-Martínez, Daniel
Albarrán-Velo, Jesús
Gotor-Fernández, Vicente
Palabras Claves: Biocatálisis
Síntesis asimétrica
Productos naturales
Fecha Edición: 10-Jul-2017
Editor: Taylor & Francis Online
Cita Bibliográfica: Biocatal. Biotransformation, 2018, 36, 102-130
Resumen: Biocatalysis is gaining increasing attention in the academic and industrial sector due to the possibility of developing highly stereoselective transformations in a sustainable manner. The creation of stereogenic centers in organic synthesis is not trivial and multiple approaches have been disclosed based on organometallic and organocatalytic methods with the use of day by day more complex catalysts to induce asymmetry in selected transformations. The intrinsic chirality of enzymes makes them powerful tools for the development of stereoselective transformations, catalysing a wide range of chemical reactions due to the high abundance and diversity of enzymes in nature. In addition, the enormous advances in rational design and molecular biology methods have opened up the possibility to create more robust and versatile biocatalysts, which have improved the initial activities displayed by wild-type enzymes. Therefore, their applicability has been widely increased in terms of reaction conditions, substrate specificity, activity and selectivity among others. All these properties have attracted the industrial sector, which has taken advantage of the enzyme selectivities in multiple scenarios. Herein, the focus has been put in recent developments of stereoselective transformations for the synthesis of valuable building blocks towards the production of pharmaceuticals and biologically active natural products.
ISSN: 1029-2446
Aparece en las Colecciones:Química

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