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Título : Optimization procedure of source/sink converters for DC power distribution nano-grids
Autor : Martín, Kevin
Vázquez, Aitor
Arias, Manuel
Sebastián, Javier
Palabras clave : Electrónica de potencia
Fecha de publicación : 28-jun-2018
Editorial : IEEE
Citación : K. Martín, A. Vázquez, M. Arias, J. Sebastián, “Optimization procedure of source/sink converters for DC power distribution nano-grids” XIX IEEE Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics, (IEEE COMPEL 2018), Padua, 25-28 Junio 2018
Resumen : DC-Power Distribution Systems require DC-DC converters to interface all their elements. These converters should provide a high power quality and be efficient, compact and inexpensive. Furthermore, the characteristics of the loads and sources connected to these converters are not known beforehand and may change widely (there is no regulation about the DC loads, such as IEC61000-3-2 in AC grids). As a consequence, the design procedure is neither standard nor obvious. This work proposes an optimized design procedure for any Bus Provider in a DC-Power Distribution System. It is based on models, hence extensible to different Bus-Provider topologies, and takes into account the main issues in DC-Power Distribution Systems, especially the design conditions imposed by the wide variety of loads, or even sources, which may be connected to the output bus. Experimental results obtained from three designs show a close match with the analytical models and verify that the proposed procedure minimizes converter losses and complies with the requirements.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/10550
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