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Título: El proceso de la mezcla. Un enfoque en la producción musical con medios virtuales
Autores: MARÍN VEGA, Fernando
Palabras Claves: Practice-Led Research
Producción musical,
Fecha Edición: Jun-2018
Editor: Conservatorio Superior de Música "Eduardo Martínez Torner"
Cita Bibliográfica: MARÍN VEGA, Fernando. El proceso de la mezcla. Un enfoque en la producción musical con medios virtuales. Oviedo: Conservatorio Superior de Música "Eduardo Martínez Torner" , 2018
Resumen: At a time when humanity has turned its activity into programming, is it is necessary to delve into the place where the figure of the composer resides. This place cannot be to understand without a study of the instruments used for the musical production in the world. professional environments. Thanks to the miracles of technology, these today are unfolding effectively in the virtual environment and are therefore very accessible to those interested. in musical creation. By means of the process of production of a work previously The main instruments and their uses will be explained in an orderly manner. In order to justify the actions carried out in a protocol way, printing in the objective knowledge of acoustics, as well as appreciations and judgments about the acoustics. personal perception of the process, with the intention of reconciling the scientific environment with the creative, giving space, finally, to the creation of an own criterion. The work is there, essentially designed for an academic environment, aspiring to extend the knowledge from the composition student to a multidisciplinary world where he or she can apply his or her creativity not only in the framework of musical language, but also in the acoustics of the work itself.
Descripción : Trabajo fin de estudios de la especialidad de Composición del Conservatorio Superior "Eduardo Martínez Toner"
Aparece en las Colecciones:Música

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