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Título: Incidencia de desgarros cutáneos en una zona básica de salud
Autores: Gayol-Fernández, Manuel
Sanchez-Arguiano, Juncal
Vicente-Antón, Mª José
Alonso-Lorenzo, Julio Cesar
Palabras Claves: Heridas y lesiones
Atención Primaria de salud
Fecha Edición: 16-Nov-2019
Editor: SEAPA
Cita Bibliográfica: Gayol-Fernández M, Sánchez-Arguiano J, Vicente-Antón MJ, Alonso-Lorenzo JC. Incidencia de desgarros cutáneos en una zona básica de salud. RqR Enfermería Comunitaria (Revista de SEAPA). 2019 Noviembre; 7 (4): 24-34.
Resumen: Introduction: Skin tears (ST) are the loss of the skin, the result of friction, loss of weight, the degree of damage, the cause of the epidermis of the dermis or the separation of both structures. Some studies predict a prevalence between 4,5% and 19,5% for all age groups in people living in the community. Objective: To know the incidence of skin tears in the health area of Pola de Siero, the type of injuries and the mechanisms related to the production of lesions. Material and methods: Observational, descriptive study. Risk factors (RF) were documented during 4 and a half months in 8 nursing consultations that included 10,739 people eligible for study. Results: 32 ST were identified, all individuals had at least one RF, 45% were independent. Trauma 59% was the most common damage mechanism and the most common location was the 56% leg. Type 2 the most numerous, with 62,5%. The incidence rate was 0,79 (CI: 0,55- 1,13) injuries per 100 people / year for the general population and 6,31 (CI: 4,09-9,32) injuries for each 100 people/ year for people of 80 years or more. Conclusion: The high incidence of these wounds in older people requires the implementation of training strategies and specific care protocols for the treatment and prevention of these injuries.
ISSN: 2254-8270
Aparece en las Colecciones:Sanidad

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