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Título: Los retratos de la autora: el caso de Ángela Figuera Aymerich
Autores: Fernández Menéndez, Raquel
Palabras Claves: literatura española
estudios de género
Fecha Edición: 2021
Resumen: The proliferation over the last few years of studies around the question of the author, with theresearch of specialists such as Nathalie Heinich, Do-minique Maingueneau, José-Luis Diaz or JérômeMeizoz at the forefront, has opened a new perspecti-ve for the analysis of the iconographic elements thatidentify the author in the media regime. That enablesus to comprehend these as one of the most impor-tant tools that guarantee the visibility of the author inthe literary field. However, despite the increasingnumber of research work, there has not been an ad-vance in the study of the tension between genderand authoriality through the analysis of the portraitsof women writers. This article recurs both to this newcritical paradigm and to feminist literary theory in or-der to study some of the photographs of the poetÁngela Figuera Aymerich (Bilbao 1902-Madrid 1984)as part of a process of representation as a womanand an author in the Spain of the fifties. The study of three representative portraits show that the meaningof each image is not univocal but vary from the edi-torial space in which the photographic element isplaced (the press, the books or poetic anthologies)and the discourses that surround the paratext
ISBN: 0213-2370
Aparece en las Colecciones:Género y diversidad

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