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Título : The non-invasive diagnosis of bone disorders in CKD
Autor : Bober, Jordi
Urueña Torres, Pablo
Cozzolino, Mario
Rodriguez García, Minerva
Gómez Alonso, Carlos
Palabras clave : Alkaline phosphatase
Bone mineral density
Fecha de publicación : abr-2021
Citación : 10.1007/s00223-020-00781-5
Resumen : Abnormal bone metabolism is an integral part of the chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder (CKD-MBD). For several reasons, the difficult bone compartment was neglected for some time, but there has been renewed interest as a result of the conception of bone as a new endocrine organ, the increasing recognition of the cross-talk between bone and vessels, and, especially, the very high risk of osteoporotic fractures (and associated mortality) demonstrated in patients with CKD. Therefore, it has been acknowledged in different guidelines that action is needed in respect of fracture risk assessment and the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis in the context of CKD and CKD-MBD, even beyond renal osteodystrophy. These updated guidelines clearly underline the need to improve a non-invasive approach to these bone disorders in order to guide treatment decisions aimed at not only controlling CKD-MBD but also decreasing the risk of fracture. In this report, we review the current role of the most often clinically used or promising biochemical circulating biomarkers such as parathyroid hormone, alkaline phosphatases, and other biochemical markers of bone activity as alternatives to some aspects of bone histomorphometry. We also mention the potential role of classic and new imaging techniques for CKD patients. Information on many aspects is still scarce and heterogeneous, but many of us consider that it is indeed time for action, recognizing our definitely limited ability to base certain treatment decisions only on our current non-comprehensive knowledge.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/14368
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