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Título: Educación y relaciones de poder
Autores: Botas Carvajal, José
Palabras Claves: Educación
Fecha Edición: 10-Sep-2022
Resumen: There are multiple relations of power and knowledge that are manifested and operate in the school, and these relations are closely linked to the construction of the subjects and the configuration of their subjectivities. Some of these relations are visible and very perceptible, while others go unnoticed. Consequently, it is necessary to investigate in detail in order to achieve the objective of bringing to light the procedures, devices and methods that are camouflaged, ignored or hidden in the gears of educational processes. Aspects such as discourse, language, the regime of truth, practices, culture, examination, discipline, pedagogy, management models, politics, ideology, curriculum, the influence of the media and the role of teachers are key to unravelling the actions, instruments and techniques that power and knowledge implement in order to shape the relationships between individuals and between subjects and themselves, as well as their impact on the shaping of different personalities and subjectivities.
Descripción : Artículo sobre relaciones de poder en la educación.
Aparece en las Colecciones:Educación

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