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Título : Vitamin D Treatment Prevents Uremia-Induced Reductions in Aortic microRNA-145 Attenuating Osteogenic Differentiation despite Hyperphosphatemia
Autor : Carrillo López, Natalia
Panizo García, Sara
Arcidiacono, Vittoria
De la Fuente, Sandra
Martínez Arias, Laura
Ottaviano, Emerenziana
Ulloa, Catalina
Ruíz Torres, María Piedad
Rodríguez, Isabel
Cannata Andía, Jorge
Naves Díaz, Manuel
Dusso, Adriana
Palabras clave : Vascular Injury
Osteogenic Differentiation
Vitamin D
Fecha de publicación : 22-jun-2022
Editorial : MDPI
Resumen : In chronic kidney disease, systemic inflammation and high serum phosphate (P) promote the de-differentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) to osteoblast-like cells, increasing the propensity for medial calcification and cardiovascular mortality. Vascular microRNA-145 (miR-145) content is essential to maintain VSMC contractile phenotype. Because vitamin D induces aortic miR-145, uremia and high serum P reduce it and miR-145 directly targets osteogenic osterix in osteoblasts, this study evaluated a potential causal link between vascular miR-145 reductions and osterix-driven osteogenic differentiation and its counter-regulation by vitamin D. Studies in aortic rings from normal rats and in the rat aortic VSMC line A7r5 exposed to calcifying conditions corroborated that miR-145 reductions were associated with decreases in contractile markers and increases in osteogenic differentiation and calcium (Ca) deposition. Furthermore, miR-145 silencing enhanced Ca deposition in A7r5 cells exposed to calcifying conditions, while miR-145 overexpression attenuated it, partly through increasing α-actin levels and reducing osterix-driven osteogenic differentiation. In mice, 14 weeks after the induction of renal mass reduction, both aortic miR-145 and α-actin mRNA decreased by 80% without significant elevations in osterix or Ca deposition. Vitamin D treatment from week 8 to 14 fully prevented the reductions in aortic miR-145 and attenuated by 50% the decreases in α-actin, despite uremia-induced hyperphosphatemia. In conclusion, vitamin D was able to prevent the reductions in aortic miR-145 and α-actin content induced by uremia, reducing the alterations in vascular contractility and osteogenic differentiation despite hyperphosphatemia.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/14644
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