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2015-06Assesment of bedload equations using data obtained with tracers in two coarse-bed mountain streams (River Narcea basin, NW Spain)Vázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Menéndez Duarte, Rosana
2019-07-31Assessing Controls on the Displacement of Tracers in Gravel-Bed RiversVázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Batalla, Ramon
2014-07-15Bedload transport rates for coarse-bed streams in an Atlantic region (Narcea River, NW Iberian Peninsula)Daniel, Vázquez Tarrío; Rosana, Menéndez Duarte
2015-06-12Determination of low B/Ca ratios in carbonates using ICP-QQQDiez Fernández, Silvia; Ruiz Encinar, Jorge; Sanz-Medel, Alfredo; Isensee, Kristen; Stoll, Heather M.
2019-03-25Effects of continuous embankments and successive run-of-the-river dams on bedload transport capacities along the Rhône River, FranceVázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Tal, Michal; Camenen, Benoit; Piégay, Hervé
2016El descubrimiento científico de la Región Volcánica Central de España (1775-1932)POBLETE PIEDRABUENA, MIGUEL ÁNGEL; BEATO BERGUA, SALVADOR
2019Framboidal chalcopyrite and bornite constrain redox conditions during formation of their host rocks in the copper stratabound mineralization of Picachos, north-central ChileMerinero, Raul; Ortega, Luis; Lunar, Rosario; Pina, Roberto; Cardenes, Victor
2013Mapa de rocas y minerales industriales de AsturiasLópez López, María Teresa
2018-08-20Particle transport in gravel‐bed rivers: Revisiting passive tracer dataVázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Recking, Alain; Liébault, Frédéric; Tal, Michal; Menéndez Duarte, Rosana
2016-05Quantifying the Morphological Print of Bedload TransportRecking, Alain; Piton, Guillaume; Vázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Parker, Gary
2019-12-17Quantifying the Variability in Flow Competence and Streambed Mobility with Water Discharge in a Gravel-Bed Channel: River Esva, NW SpainVázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Fernández Iglesias, Elena; Fernández García, María; Marquínez, Jorge
2020-08Textural signatures of sediment supply in gravel-bed rivers: Revisiting the armour ratioVázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Piégay, Hervé; Menéndez Duarte, Rosana
2021-02The active layer in gravel-bed rivers: An empirical appraisalVázquez Tarrío, Daniel; Menéndez Duarte, Rosana
2021-09The estimation of bedload in poorly-gauged mountain riversDaniel, Vázquez Tarrío; Rosana, Menéndez Duarte
2017-05-15Using UAS optical imagery and SfM photogrammetry to characterize the surface grain size of gravel bars in a braided river (Vénéon River, French Alps)Vázquez-Tarrío, Daniel; Borgniet, Laurent; Liébault, Frédéric; Recking, Alain
Elementos (mostrados por Títulos en orden Ascendente): 1 a 15 de 15