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Título : El clarinetista Antonio Romero y Andía (1815-1886)
Autor : Veintimilla Bonet, Alberto
Palabras clave : Musicología
Historia de la música
Romero y Andía, Antonio
Fecha de publicación : jun-2002
Editorial : Universidad de Oviedo
Citación : VEINTIMILLA BONET, Alberto. "El clarinetista Antonio Romero y Andía (1815-1886)" . Director: Ramón Sobrino Sánchez. Tesis doctoral. Universidad de Oviedo, Departamento de Historia del Arte y Musicología, 2002.
Resumen : With this thesis on Antonio Romero y Andia (1815-1886) present the biography of a nineteenth century Spanish musician practically unknown until now. Romero was clarinetist, professor of clarinet and oboe Conservatory of Madrid, editor, music storekeeper, owner and founder Romeo Hall. Following his life story, delve into side issues as the importance of music institutions developing military Spanish music, the social status of the instrumentalist in the century Century in Spain, the birth of a new musical pedagogy in Spain and the impact and participation in exhibitions Spanish musicians contemporaneous national and universal, the complex opera controversy Spanish or publishing revolution and Spanish musical trade in the second half of the ni neteenth century. The work is completed with the study and Romero clarinetist assessment system, and various documentary appendices that provide a selection of sources that have managed to develop this research.
Descripción : Tesis doctoral
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/2921
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