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Título : Oral active vitamin D is associated with improved survival in hemodialysis patients
Autor : Naves-Díaz, Manuel
Álvarez Hernández, Daniel
Passlick-Deetjen, Jutta
Guinsburg, Adrian
Marelli, Cristina
Rodríguez Puyol, Diego
Cannata Andía, Jorge B.
Palabras clave : Hemodialysis
Oral calcitriol
Latin America
Fecha de publicación : jul-2008
Editorial : International Society of Nephrology
Citación : Naves Díaz Manuel, Alvarez Hernández Daniel, Passlick Deetjen Jutta, Guinsburg Adrian, Marelli Cristina, Rodriguez Puyol Diego, Cannata Andía Jorge. Oral active vitamin D is associated with improved survival in hemodialysis patients. Kidney International;2008(74):1070–1078
Resumen : Injection of active vitamin D is associated with better survival of patients receiving chronic hemodialysis. Since in many countries oral active vitamin D administration is the most common form of treatment for secondary hyperparathyroidism we determined the survival benefit of oral active vitamin D in hemodialysis patients from six Latin America countries (FME Register as part of the CORES study) followed for a median of 16 months. Time-dependent Cox regression models, after adjustment for potential confounders, showed that the 7,203 patients who received oral active vitamin D had significant reductions in overall, cardiovascular, infectious and neoplastic mortality compared to the 8,801 patients that had not received vitamin D. Stratified analyses found a survival advantage in the group that had received oral active vitamin D in 36 of the 37 strata studied including that with the highest levels of serum calcium, phosphorus and parathyroid hormone. The survival benefit of oral active vitamin D was seen in those patients receiving mean daily doses of less than 1 microg with the highest reduction associated with the lowest dose. Our study shows that hemodialysis patients receiving oral active vitamin D had a survival advantage inversely related to the vitamin dose.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/52
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