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Título : Perfil de los menores infractores extranjeros acompañados y no acompañados en Asturias
Autor : Pérez Sánchez, Beatriz
Fernández-Alonso, Laura
Herrero Olaizola, Juan
Rodríguez-Díaz, Francisco Javier
Palabras clave : menor infractor
abuso de sustancias
Fecha de publicación : 2015
Citación : Fernández-Suárez, A., Pérez Sánchez, B., Fernández-Alonso, L., Herrero Olaizola, J. y RodríguezDíaz, F. J. Perfil de los menores infractores extranjeros acompañados y no acompañados en Asturias. Revista de Psicología. 2015; 24(1), 1-18.
Resumen : The social alarm generated by juve-nile delinquency is increased when the offender is also foreign. The aim of this paper is to analyze the socio-demographic, psychological and crimi-nal problems of these children, establishing a comparison of unaccompanied foreign minors (MENAs, by its acronym in Spanish) and accom-panied foreign minors (from family reunification). The sample consists of all offenders foreign mi-nors in the Principality of Asturias (Spain) in 2012 (N = 90; n = 61 accompanied; n = 29 unaccompa-nied). X2/ U test of Mann-Whitney statistical was used to set the comparison, presenting the Cohen’s Odds Ratio/d as a measure of association/effect size. The results showed similarities between the two groups in age (15.5 years) and the type of first offense (against property). However, there are some differences by gender, age of arrival in Spain, the pattern of substance use, psychological problems, the level of recidivism, offenses and ju-dicial measures applied throughout their criminal careers. The results refer which is not a homoge-neous group, being discussed the implications to a counseling intervention from the Protection and Juvenile Justice System.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/6243
ISSN : 0719-0581
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