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Título : Reading prosody in Spanish dyslexics
Autor : Suárez-Coalla, Paz
Álvarez-Cañizo, Marta
Martínez, Cristina
García, Noemí
Cuetos, Fernando
Palabras clave : Dyslexia
Fundamental frequency
Text reading
Fecha de publicación : 3-mar-2016
Editorial : Annals of Dyslexia
Citación : Suárez-Coalla P, Álvarez-Cañizo M, Martínez C, García N and Cuetos F (2016). Reading prosody in Spanish dyslexics. Annals of Dyslexia, 1-26. doi: 10.1007/s11881-016-0123-5
Resumen : Reading becomes expressive when word and text reading are quick, accurate and automatic. Recent studies have reported that skilled readers use greater pitch changes and fewer irrelevant pauses than poor readers. Given that developmental dyslexics have difficulty acquiring and automating the alphabetic code and developing orthographic representations of words, it is possible that their use of prosody when reading differs from that of typical readers. The goal of this study was to investigate whether the reading prosody of Spanish-speaking dyslexics differs from that of typical Spanish readers. Two experiments were performed. The first experiment involved 36 children (18 with dyslexia), and the second involved 46 adults (23 with dyslexia). Participants were asked to read aloud a text which included declarative, exclamatory and interrogative sentences. Data on pausing and reading rate (number of pauses, duration of pauses and utterances), pitch changes, intensity changes and syllable lengthening were extracted from the recordings. We found that dyslexic people read more slowly than typical readers and they also made more inappropriate and longer pauses, even as adults with considerable reading experience. We also observed that dyslexics differed from skilled readers in their use of some prosodic features, particularly pitch changes at the end of sentences. This is probably because they have trouble anticipating some structural features of prose, such as sentence ends.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/6723
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