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Título: Saber más y hacer mejor: estudio cualitativo a personas con enfermedad crónica compleja
Autores: Andrés Alonso, Blanca
Palabras Claves: Enfermedad crónica
Investigación cualitativa
Sistemas de salud
Principado de Asturias
Fecha Edición: Nov-2016
Editor: SEAPA
Cita Bibliográfica: Diez Iglesias S, Andrés Alonso B. Saber más y mejor: estudio cualitativo a personas con enfermedad crónica compleja. RqR Enfermería Comunitaria (Revista SEAPA). 2016 Noviembre; 4(4): 47-55
Resumen: Objective: Understand and analyze experiences and expectations of people with complex chronic disease two Basic Health Zones of Health Areas of Asturias related to their experiences in the healthcare circuit. Methodology: Through a phenomenological qualitative research was conducted a study of explanatory-interpretative with the population belonging to these ZBS made on it a opinion sampling method. It is achieved with said sample, saturation information. Data were collected through a semi-structured individual interview. The descriptive-interpretive thematic analysis was based on five preconceived categories: perception of one's health, continuity of care, communication with health, influence of the environment and socio-economic resources and improvement proposals. Results: failures interprofessional and inter-level coordination and communication of information are appreciated. The perception of care was better in primary than in specialized. No influence of the environment is evident in health and social and economic tenure for maintaining this resource is valued. Proposals for improvement: increased health personnel and training it in relational and communicative aspects. Conclusions: The lack of coordination and inter-professional and inter-level communication and little exchange of information with the patient, leading to damage to the user who finishes within a spiral of visits to the health system, which indirectly increases its economic output. Further information coupled with appropriate treatment would improve the therapeutic relationship with users.
ISSN: 2254 - 8270
Aparece en las Colecciones:Sanidad

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