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Título : ¿Es eficaz la medicación en una terapia antitabaco?
Autor : Alonso Fernández, Sonia
Palabras clave : Terapia grupal multicomponente
Terapia conductual
Fecha de publicación : nov-2016
Editorial : SEAPA
Citación : Zapico López G. ¿Es eficaz la medicación en una terapia antitabaco? RqR Enfermaría Comunitaria (revista de SEAPA). 2016 Noviembre; 4 (4): 56-66
Resumen : Objective: Compare results between patients who received behavioral therapy against this with pharmacology and describe the motivations for quitting. Patients and Methods: It is a cuasiexperimental study, no control group. Population was formed smokers, who attended the five sessions and were in the stadiums "ready for action" and "Action" Prochaska and DiClemente. They we invited to participate in the C.S research and completed a follow-up questionnaire after signing an informed consent. The TGM consists of 5 sessions, in which they tried to give alternative proposals to snuff and build confidence in yourself. We used t Student among qualitative and quantitative. It was significant at P < 0.05 and they were analyzed using SPSS Data v.15.0 program. Result: For patients who had 3 months without smoking, the most successful therapy was the TGM + varenicline and for patients who they had one year or more were: TGM + behavioral therapy and varenicline. "The health problems associated with smoking" was the most important motivation to attend therapy. Conclusions: Patients who come to therapy middle- age son with pathologies associated with snuff. The challenge is to reach young people smoking where these diseases are still missing and it is less expensive quit. Maybe medication being financed 50% by the mayor SESPA succeed because, as it was found above is the best results you have.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/7450
ISSN : 2254 - 8270
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