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Título: Prevalencia de Disfagia tras Ictus. Visión desde Atención Primaria
Autores: González Alvarez, Mª Arántzazu
Palabras Claves: Trastornos de deglución
Accidente Cerebrovascular
Fecha Edición: Feb-2017
Editor: SEAPA
Cita Bibliográfica: Díaz Fernández AI, González Álvarez MA. Prevalencia de Disfagia tras Ictus. Visión desde Atención Primaria. RqR Enfermería Comunitaria (Revista de SEAPA). 2017 Febrero; 5(1): 38-56
Resumen: The detection of dysphagia is an important part of the management of stroke in its acute phase, since it is a marker of poor prognosis in terms of morbidity and functional recovery. Nevertheless, screening tends to be carried out mainly in patients with more severe. The method Volume-Viscosity clinical examination (MECV-V) allows us to confirm the presence of dysphagia and may establish individualized care plans. The aim of our study was to estimate the prevalence of dysphagia in patients who have had an episode of stroke and profile of the patient in relation to the type of stroke, dependency and family support. Methodology: A descriptive observational study of prevalence. Results: The prevalence of dysphagia estimated by frequentist analysis was 12.8% (95% CI 5.5 to 20.1). Using Bayesian inference was 20.9% (95% ICred: 14.4 to 28.3). The mean age was 74.76 years. They presented Ischemic Stroke 88 patients (93.6%) and 6 (6.4%) hemorrhagic stroke. One third of the study population was institutionalized and had some degree of dependence 56.4% (Barthel). The delay in the capture in dysphagia was 28.3 days and 19.8 in non dysphagia. Of patients with dysphagia They pointed acute phase food thickener 63.6%. Conclusions: The identification test for dysphagia (MECV-V) after stroke should be done early in the hospital, to conduct an appropriate intervention to the patient's needs, with a hygienic-dietary advice and prevent future complications.
ISSN: 2254 - 8270
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