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Título: Sensitive targeted multiple protein quantification based on elemental detection of Quantum Dots
Autores: Garcia-Cortes, Marta
González-Iglesias, Hector
Ruiz Encinar, Jorge
Costa-Fernández, José M.
Coca-Prados, Miguel
Sanz-Medel, Alfredo
Palabras Claves: quantum dots
protein quantification
Fecha Edición: 10-Mar-2015
Resumen: A generic strategy based on the use of CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots (QDs) as elemental labels for protein quantification, using immunoassays with elemental mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), detection is presented. In this strategy, streptavidin modified QDs (QDs-SA) are bioconjugated to a biotinylated secondary antibody (b-Ab2). After a multi-technique characterization of the synthesized generic platform (QDs-SAb-Ab2) it was applied to the sequential quantification of five proteins (transferrin, complement C3, apolipoprotein A1, transthyretin and apolipoprotein A4) at different concentration levels in human serum samples. It is shown how this generic strategy does only require the appropriate unlabeled primary antibody for each protein to be detected. Therefore, it introduces a way out to the need for the cumbersome and specific bioconjugation of the QDs to the corresponding specific recognition antibody for every target analyte (protein). Results obtained were validated with those obtained using UV–vis spectrophotometry and commercial ELISA Kits.
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