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Título: Papel de la enfermera de Atención Primaria en pacientes con enfermedad celíaca
Autores: Pascual Martínez, Alba
Vázquez-Díaz, Covadonga
Vega Díaz, Carmen
Castaño García, Teresa
Cernuda Martínez, José Antonio
Palabras Claves: Enfermedad celíaca
Educación en enfermería
Enfermería comunitaria
Enfermería de atención primaria
Fecha Edición: 29-Ago-2017
Editor: SEAPA
Cita Bibliográfica: Castaño García P, Pascual Martínez A, Vázquez Díaz C, Vega Díaz C, Castaño García T, Cernuda Martínez JA. Papel de la enfermera de Atención Primaria en pacientes con enfermedad celíaca. RqR Enfermería Comunitaria (Revista de SEAPA). 2017 Agosto; 5 (3): 19-29
Resumen: Introduction: Celiac disease is a condition caused by intolerance to gluten, a protein present in wheat and other cereals that can cause intestinal atrophy and malabsorption of nutrients. It affects all dimensions of life and its only treatment is a gluten-free diet for life. This review aims to compile the most relevant information about the role of the primary health care nurse in this pathology Description: The disease affects the life of the sick at multiple levels such as the social, emotional and economic, hence the nursing professional should advise the patient and their family members, to detect complications of the pathology and verify the correct adherence to treatment, so that they are necessary for the appropriate standardized programs detection, follow-up and treatment of the disease. Conclusions: Only sometimes the patient with celiac disease may follow the diet accurately, so that the primary care nurse has a key role in providing advice on all aspects required for the patient achieve cope with illness in an optimal way. It is necessary to plan and develop health programs to include the patients affected by celiac disease in order to achieve an adequate follow-up of pathology.
ISSN: 2254-8270
Aparece en las Colecciones:Sanidad

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