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Título : Método Consciencia Sonora: Articulación del Sonido
Autor : Veintimilla Bonet, Alberto
Palabras clave : Clarinete
Interpretación musical
Efecto sonoro
Fecha de publicación : 28-feb-2018
Editorial : Conservatorio Superior de Música "Eduardo Martínez Torner"
Citación : VEINTIMILLA BONET, Alberto. Método Consciencia Sonora: Articulación del Sonido. Oviedo: Conservatorio Superior de Música "Eduardo Martínez Torner", 2018
Resumen : The article exposes the didactic approaches of the didactic method Sound Consciousness (CONSSO) regarding the teaching of articulation as technical aspect in its most general meaning - it mentioned the effects of ligature, emission, variety of staccato and the different combinations of ligature with staccato-. The articulation is one of the resources that greater expressive capacity provides to the interpreter, and must have a priority treatment from the beginning of learning. He study is made from a thorough analysis of the explanations given by different pedagogues in their methods to learn to play the clarinet reveals the variety of meanings and concepts that can be given when dealing with the subject of the articulations, and raises conclusions with novel didactic proposals for the improvement of the clarinetist's training.
Descripción : Artículo
URI : http://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/9525
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