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Título : Structural and functional analysis of virus factories purified from Rabbit vesivirus-infected Vero cells
Autor : Casais, Rosa
González Molleda, Lorenzo
Machín, Angeles
Barrio, Gloria, del
García Manso, Alberto
Dalton, Kevin P.
Coto, Ana
Martín Alonso, José Manuel
Prieto, Miguel
Parra, Francisco
Palabras clave : Complejo de replicación
Fábricas de virus
Conejo vesivirus
Fecha de publicación : 2008
Editorial : Elsevier
Citación : Casais, R... [et al.]. Structural and functional analysis of virus factories purified from Rabbit vesivirus-infected Vero cells. Virus Research. 2008 ; 137 : 112-121
Resumen : Rabbit vesivirus infection induces membrane modifications and accumulation of vesicular structures in the cytoplasm of infected Vero cells. Crude RaV replication complexes (RCs) have been purified and their structural and functional properties have been characterized.We show that calnexin, an ER-resident protein, RaV non-structural proteins 2AB-, 2C-, 3A-, 3B- and 3CD-like as well as viral RNAs co-localize within membranous structures which are able to replicate the endogenous RNA templates. The purified virus factories protected their viral RNA contents from microccocal nuclease degradation and were inaccessible to exogenously added synthetic transcripts. In addition, we have shown that RCs can be used to investigate uridylylation of native endogenous VPg. In contrast to the observation that the virus factories were inaccessible to RNAs, RCs were accessible to added recombinant VPg which was subsequently nucleotidylylated. Nevertheless no elongation of an RNA chain attached to native or recombinant VPg could be demonstrated.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/9765
ISSN : 0168-1702
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