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Título : A Dedicated Setup for Test and Evaluation of Surface Mounted Power Switches
Autor : Fernandez, Manuel
Roig, Jaume
Vlachakis, Basil
Castro, Ignacio
Lamar, Diego G.
Declercq, Frederick
Bauwens, Filip
Palabras clave : Superjunction
Surface mounted,
Fecha de publicación : 9-jul-2015
Resumen : This work reports the original design of a multipurpose setup for characterization and benchmark study of power switches packaged on QFN (Quad Flat No-leads). More specifically, the setup evaluates advanced 650 V GaN and Silicon power switches by using a 300W/200kHz CCM boost converter. A genuine daughter board has been optimized by experiment and finite-element simulation to provide low thermal impedance, setup/package compatibility and to be easy-of-use. Moreover, the setup is equipped to automatically extract power losses, as well as, voltage and current waveforms for device model calibration.
URI : https://ria.asturias.es/RIA/handle/123456789/6708
ISBN : 978-84-944131-2-4
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Open Access DRIVERset

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